• Industrial toilet refurbishment, please see case studies
    A new toilet block was created by demolishing part of an old gymnasium; new sub floor pipework was installed before a new floor was cast to level existing floors. Six new cubicles were fitted along with wash basins, hand dryers, urinals, etc. A new unisex disabled toilet and shower room were also formed along with a first aid room and locker room.

  • Boiler house refurbishment to a fully working wood work shop, please see case study
    Demolition of an existing Boiler room including removal of all redundant plant, pipework, electrics, roof, walls etc. The building was then modernised with a new Kingspan insulated roof, openings were formed through several walls with new roller shutter doors fitted, new concrete floors were laid to allow for different floor levels throughout the buildings. New Power supplies, lighting etc. was fitted after interior and exterior redecoration.

  • Warehouse sliding doors, please see case studies
    This job we removed old cladding. Crane lifted doors down and laid on blocks on floor for easy repair, high pressure washed all frame work, applied a 3 coat system for protection after repairs where carried out in this steel supports were replaced and extra ones put in for support, we had the wheels reformed and machined back to remove all rust and paint traces, we gave theses a 3 coat system. We replaced the running track at the bottom of the doors to make the door work by just using your hands. We had the doors lifted back in to place using a crane company, once in place we re-clad the doors using a single skin and used a foam boarding for the inside client request , we made covers for the wheel on the doors to help prevent further rusting to the wheels.

  • Union jack doors Isle of white
    We low pressure washed the overhead cladding and doors to remove all contaminations. Using a 2 coat system we painted the overhead cladding. On the doors we fixed holes in the cladding using corrugated clear sheets we glued the cut pieces on to cover the holes in the cladding being careful not to disturbed the Galbestos, we used a primer on the rusted areas of the doors and applied a 2 coat system, we also prepped and painted the door edges overhead track and bottom tracks to prevent further rusting

Other Projects included
Several office suites required modernisation We went in and carried out all of the strip out works including removal of Ceiling tiles, grids and insulation, removal of redundant sprinkler systems, Removal of existing air handling units, lighting, ventilation systems, Partition walls etc, ready for refurbishment. We supplied companies to replace the ceiling grids and erect some walls fire rated, insert some roller doors.