Cleaning services we can offer:

Abrasive Blast Cleaning
Incorporates the use of a pressurised air system and an abrasive designed specifically for the surface of the said substrate , it is the control of mixing the air with the abrasive that allows us to work on any number of substrates without causing unnecessary damage to the surface.

There is a wide range of media available to carry out all aspects of blast cleaning including Grit, Shot, Sand, Soda, Glass beads etc.

We can also carry out Wet blasting where the abrasive is mixed with water to suppress the dust created by the blasting process. This is particularly useful when the working area cannot be encapsulated.

Water Blasting / Jetting
UHP jetting: - 10,000-40,000psi. Suitable for larger projects i.e. Ships, Furnaces, Steel Structures etc. Primarily used to strip corrosion or existing coatings without the generation of abrasive waste, excessive dust etc.

Cold water jetting:-1,500-7,500psi.Iideal for Ships Hulls, Exterior Cladding, Buildings, Floors etc.. Generally used to clean down the substrate for painting or surveying purposes.

Steam cleaning:-1,000-3,000psi. Normally requiring aheated water / chemical mixture to clean off Grease / Oil products from Machinery, Ships Engine Rooms, Slippery floors etc.

Graffiti removal
Graffiti can be removed from a number of substrates successfully by using the appropriate method. This can be by Soda Blasting, Steam Cleaning or by use of Chemicals.

We can also supply a breathable micro-crystalline wax system to enhance the life of existing coatings. This is a far more cost effective way to remove any subsequent graffiti as it provides an easy to clean, non-stick substrate.