We offer a wide range of coatings for all types of application, i.e.

  • Decorative
  • Protective
  • Anti-static
  • Hygiene
  • Anti-wear
  • Anti-corrosive etc.


Every coating we apply is done in strict accordance with the manufacturers recommended guidelines to ensure a quality and long term service life.

Types of Coating Application

We can provide all types of coating application ranging from

  • Airless Spray,
  • Air Assisted Spray,
  • Conventional Spray,
  • Texture Spray,
  • H.V.L.P. Spray,
  • Metal Spray,
  • Polyurea lining,
  • Intumescent Fireproofing etc.


All of our applicators undergo constant renewal of application procedures to keep up with modern coatings and lining systems.

Any coating system is only as good as the preparation of the substrate; we endeavour to provide a complete package to best meet a client’s specific requirements.