High level cleaning

We offer a high level cleaning service for difficult to access areas of any structure

We specialise in:Leisure centres, Shopping Malls, Factory Units etc.

We have found a combination of High Pressure, Low Volume Jetting, Vacuum Removal, Damp ragging etc. will clean the surface efficiently without generating airborne contamination to unwanted areas.

Access to these areas is usually limited so Scaffolding, Alloy towers, Scissor lifts, Telescopic Boom lifts, Abseiling, Extension poles etc. can be used where possible. Usually, a combination of these techniques proves to be the most effective in terms of cost and timescale.

We can control contamination of sensitive areas by using Dust suppression units and specialised sheeting as and when required.

We offer a 24 hour a day service to our clients to allow for minimum impact and disruption

Other areas we can clean are

  • Warehouse Cladding Exteriors
  • Roofs
  • Structures, Masts etc
  • Gutters
  • Fascias

Underwater acid washing
We were asked by several of our Leisure Centre Clients Can we clean rust staining from the bottoms of their swimming pools without draining the water? Our reply was Yes. We use a system that delivers the acid undiluted to the rust stained areas which allows it to dissolve the rust staining without using excessive amounts of acid. The results speak for themselves.