Automotive and Restoration Services

Randell Industrial have been carrying out many types of abrasive blast cleaning for over 35 years. We work with a wide variety of automotive, commercial, heavy goods vehicles, motorcycles and plant machinery ranging from 40-tonne lorry body shells down to just individual nuts and bolts.

Our specialist plant allows us to blast clean at pressures down to 10psi for the most delicate of substrates without causing any surface damage. We use a wide range of abrasives to ensure the correct finish and profile is provided for the subsequent application of suitable coatings and further treatments. You can view a list of our abrasive cleaning media to see which would be suitable for your needs.

You can also hire cleaning equipment from us to aid in your own cleaning efforts too.

If required, we can apply a range of primers and anti-abrasive, corrosion resistant coatings, including powder coatings, to protect and seal the freshly prepared surfaces to help prevent further corrosion.

We can also apply a two-pack epoxy primer that can be welded through without the need for grinding off the coating thus saving a lot of further prep time after the vehicle has been abrasive cleaned. This has proved particularly useful when remedial welding and panel replacement is required on a blast cleaned car body shell for restoration.

Small items of Aluminium, Brass and Bronze castings, such as carburettors and inlet manifolds, can be blast cleaned in our low-pressure cabinets and the surface finish enhanced by further blasting using glass beads to polish the surface creating an as-new finish.

We can also carry out minor fabrication works, welding and repairs to your items as and when needed.

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