Building Cleaning & Maintenance

Randell Industrial Services have been carrying out all types of industrial cleaning and building maintenance both internally and externally for many years now.

Typical jobs include high-level gutter cleaning, pressure jetting of external cladding and brickwork to remove build-up of dirt and soiling, and cleaning of integral valley gutters and rooflights.

We also carry out specialist graffiti removal using environmentally safe chemicals or soft abrasive blast cleaning using soda or mineral abrasives. Graffiti proof coatings can be subsequently applied to help facilitate easy cleaning should the surface get fouled again.

Pressure washing/detergent scrubbing of large concrete and paved areas – workshop floors to remove soiling, tyre marks, painted lines and other hard-to-remove dirt on walkways.

If you wish to carry out any of these cleaning tasks yourself, you can always Hire Blast Cleaning Equipment from Randell to get started.

When a company surrenders their lease on a property, we are able to carry out the dilapidation works in tandem with the landlord and tenant to reach an amicable agreement for the handover.

Typical works like this could include painting and decorating, demolition of partition walls, removal of signage, cladding repairs and recoating, pressure washing – both internally and externally. Also included is site clearance, minor landscaping works such as weeding, grass cutting and the removal/reinstatement of white lined parking bays.

If any of these services fit the bill for your needs, don’t hesitate to contact Randell to discuss what we can do for you.