Blasting & Coating Equipment for Hire

We have a range of industrial blast cleaning equipment, protective coating equipment and preparation tools for hire to allow you to carry out the works yourself should you decide to do so.

The hire range includes many top models used in the industry, and includes:

Blasting Equipment for Hire

These powerful tools can assist you in performing your own blast cleaning operations, from more aggressive abrasive cleaning works, to lower-capacity tools for the more delicate items.

Some blast cleaning tools we can provide are:

Coating Equipment for Hire

We can hire you industrial tools for your coating needs. From spray coating guns, to more precision-oriented pumps, we’ll make sure you have the right tool for the job.

Some coating tools we can provide are:

Preparation Tools for Hire

We can provide a variety of tools and equipment if you are looking to prepare for an industrial cleaning job. From pneumatic tools to pressure washers and heaters, we’ll make sure any surface is primed and ready for further works.

Some preparation tools we can hire for your operations are:

Abrasive equpiment for hire also available call office for more information

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