ERF & EFW site works

Randell Industrial Services have been carrying out abrasive blast cleaning and protective coating applications nationwide to the Energy Recovery Facility (ERF) and Energy from Waste (EFW) sector for over 15 years.

An Energy Recovery Facility produces electricity and heat from residual solid waste, by burning it at high temperatures, meaning less landfill sites are used. We work closely with our clients to meet the critical path deadlines to allow for subsequent works to take place without causing any delays with following trades.

The internal components of these types of plant are subject to extreme operating temperatures and can be highly corrosive environments which can corrode the internal surfaces extremely quickly.

Unless a strict cleaning and maintenance programme is adhered to – this can quickly result in a detrimental effect to the efficiency of the incineration process. This can result in excessive corrosion and wear to the internal pressurised parts and cause inefficient heat transfer due to the build-up of ash residue insulating the internal pass walls.

We have been responsible for ERF and EFW abrasive blast cleaning to the majority of the internal passes to allow for the essential chemical and visual inspections and non-destructive testing as well as the application of protective and anti-wear, abrasion resistant coatings.

These include cleaning of areas inside the main furnace, superheater tubes/bundles, evaporator, economizers, final stage economizer, baghouse ducting and hoppers, storage silos, main flue ducting and fan blade welds.

Randell Industrial Services cleans ERF and EFW internals by means of a recycled glass media impacted onto the surface using high volumes of dried compressed air. This abrasive media has the benefits of not causing any further wear to the substrates being cleaned and will not affect any chemical testing as it has no ferrous content.

We have a range of specialized purpose-built nozzles to allow us to effectively abrasive blast clean between the cooling fins of the final stage economizer bundles where access is restricted due to the size of the casting/fabrication. Our long/angular nozzles vary in size and length down to a 15mm OD. pipe lance specifically designed for the cleaning of blockages in the cast fins of tube bundles.

Randell also supplies a range of equipment for hire to aid you in your own blast cleaning and coating efforts.

If required, we can spray apply a coat of Bloxide which is a versatile weldable primer with a unique aluminium-based formula that eliminates cleaning or removal before welding, thus saving time and labour costs. Enhanced by corrosion preventative features, Bloxide can be applied to a wide range of metals for extended periods of storage, assisting in producing X-Ray quality welds. This is particularly useful when applying Inconel Overlay to bare carbon tubes.

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