In House Coating Facilities

Our 10,500 square feet factory unit has a large indoor working area as well as a large concreted yard to the front allowing for easy loading and unloading of large loads.

Spray finishing

In our purpose-built spray booth 15m long by 5.5m We can apply a wide variety of protective and decorative coatings in house ranging from solvent-free, anti-corrosive, weldable primers, single and two pack finishes, metallics, textured finishes and powder coating to name but a few.

Our main spray booth is fitted with high and low-level lighting and a recirculating heated air system to maintain a constant temperature throughout the application and curing process.

Being able to maintain the environment is very important to provide a documented record of ambient air temperature, steel temperature, dew point, humidity throughout the curing process for quality control.

Powder Coating Services

We have recently installed a new wet back booth approx. 4m by 4m by 2.5m high, this is used mainly for our powder coating and stove enamelling oven work.

A powder coating spray gun which when triggered, causes an electrostatic charge to be attached to the powder particles passing through it. Because the parts to be coated are grounded or earthed, the powder coating is attracted towards the part via the electrostatic process. This process also helps the powder reach hard to access areas due to the “magnetic attraction” between the positively charged powder and the earthed part.

Once the powder coating is applied the parts are cured in an oven, which melts and cross-links the powder over the surface of the part and creates a tough, scratch resistant and beautiful finish.

The choice of powder coating is a very important factor depending on the environment and use of the product to be coated. Each different type of powder coating has its own properties making it more suitable for a specific task.

There are many different types of powder coatings on the market – the most common being Polyesters, Epoxies and Epoxy polyesters with many more variants available.

Custom finishes are available upon request.