Industrial Cleaning and Painting

Randell Industrial Services carry out many types of industrial cleaning, industrial painting, and protective coatings works both on site and in house.

Almost any surface will, over time, become coated and discoloured with an unwanted residue. This contamination could be in the form of oil, grease, grime, leaves, dirt, grinding sparks etc. Not only is this surface contamination detrimental to the visual aspect of the surface – it can lead to accelerated corrosion, coating failure, slip hazards etc.

Randell Industrial Services can assist in maintaining the integrity of any building or plant through a combination of preliminary inspection and surveying to identify the required remedial action to help prevent further damage.

Once identified, a scope of works can be drawn up to encompass any specific site requirements in order to carry out the required works in a cost-effective and safe manner.

These works can include – hand / mechanical preparation, high pressure jetting, wet and/or dry abrasive blast cleaning, vacuum recovery of risings etc.

A full range of industrial coatings can be applied either by hand – brush/roller, conventional and air-assisted/airless spray application.

These industrial coatings can range from single or multi-coat systems with anti corrosive, wear resistant properties, Protective coatings for marine environments, decorative coatings to all areas including metallics, intumescent fire protection and decorative finishes.


  • Storage Tank – Internal and external
  • Furnace Internals
  • Power plants
  • Process pipework
  • Boiler houses
  • Leisure centres
  • TFI – Thin Film Intumescent Fire Protection
  • Anti-fouling removal and coating
  • Graffiti removal and protection